Peter-John Rodriguez

Country: Barbados

As the highest-ranked player on Match Poker Online, not many players are more active on the app than Barbados’ Peter-John Rodriguez. He loves the game and believes it’s a different experience than other online poker options and apps on the market.

“It’s unique as you are not really playing against the players on your table,” the 36-year-old player says. “You play the cards and must develop strategies to get the most out of every hand. I enjoy it, especially when the scores are tight and game time is running out. It becomes a race to the top before each level where a player is being knocked out.”

Since the COVID pandemic, and with a new son born recently, Rodriguez hasn’t found much time to visit a poker room or play much with friends. Match Poker offers a chance to play some cards and compete. Taking a virtual seat in the World Cup is next on tap, and Rodriguez is ready to get started. He also wants to see even bigger Match Poker events in the future.

“It’s exciting and I’m looking forward to it,” he says. “I expect it to be very competitive as everyone will want to do well. I hope to see more serious tournaments throughout the year with special prizes and not only the World Cup.”

Avishek Behera

Country: India

Avishek Behera, of Odisha, India, is excited to be part of the upcoming Match Poker Online World Cup. Poker for real money isn’t legal in all parts of India and the game provides a way for the 20-year-old to play for free while still getting the feel of some real competition.

“As it is a new format and I am among the first few players qualified for the World Cup, this is a really proud moment for me,” he says. “Poker is banned in our state, so this is the only official website where I can play poker. And in this format, you focus on your skill and try to improve it. My post-flop game improved from playing the game.”

With no real poker option, Behera considers Match Poker Online his main connection to the game and he really enjoys the overall format.

He adds: “This app is like a revolution in the Indian poker industry.”

Michael Cheung

Country: Hong Kong

When it comes to playing poker apps, Hong Kong’s Michael Cheung has plenty of experience. The 27-year-old gamer has played numerous options on his mobile phone, but has developed a real affection for Match Poker in particular.

“The app features a very different poker-playing experience compared to other apps,” he says. “The Battle Royale setting is a highlight, which makes a poker game become a thrilling competition.”

Like many players on the app, Cheung isn’t a regular at the live poker tables. He’s played a few small events in the past, but doesn’t always have the confidence to play much at live tables. Match Poker allows for some skill building and working on his game right from his mobile phone.

With the World Cup approaching, Cheung is now hoping to use some of those skills in his quest for a title and little extra cash in his pocket as well.

Terry Fitzgerald

Country: Australia

Australian players don’t have a legal option to play online poker for real money. For Sydneysider, Terry Fitzgerald, playing Match Poker Online offers a nice substitute. What separates the app from other poker games he’s played? The quick pace of the Battle Royal events certainly stands out, as does not really putting any of your own money at risk.

“You can lose all your chips and still win,” the 55-year-old player says. “ Also I enjoy that it starts on time and is over in 30 minutes. I enjoy Match Poker Online alot and play in my spare time.”

With the World Cup approaching, Fitzgerald will no doubt be working on his game even more and describes qualifying for the event as “unreal.” When the action gets underway, the best of the best Match Poker players will square off and he’s looking to see how his game stacks up.

– by Sean Chaffin