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1.4.3. Release Notes


Features Implemented new Weekly Challenges Feature: Added Weekly Challenges Leaderboards to the Lobby Added Weekly Challenges tab on Post-Match

1.4.3. Release Notes2022-03-14T15:52:13+11:00

1.3. Release Notes


Updates Done .Net 6.0 migration Improved matchmaking cancelling: Curtain doesn’t trigger it now (Android only) Notification curtain pull on

1.3. Release Notes2022-02-23T12:26:24+11:00

1.2. Release Notes


Updates Updated matchmaking screen: added a note to remain in matchmaking Matchmaking will now cancel in the following cases:

1.2. Release Notes2022-02-23T12:18:50+11:00
  • Mumbai All-Stars Match Poker Team

Poker As Sport


Match Poker is a unique way of playing poker developed by the International Federation of Match Poker (IFMP). To meet

Poker As Sport2021-11-09T10:31:31+11:00
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