When the Beta for the Match Poker Online app goes live in the next couple of months, one of the major features that will be readily available to all players is our unique rating algorithm (see our previous One-Minute Article) which will not only determine where you stand in comparison to the best players in the world, but help you to quickly improve your game through our series of innovative poker coaching and education features.


The key to becoming a world-class poker player is to consistently make the best decision when faced with imperfect information.

“Should I have raised in this position pre-flop instead of flat-calling? Have they got the nuts, or are they bluffing? Can I take this hand off them, or will I get caught?”

There are a million and one questions that a player will ask themselves after the end of each hand, but what if, as soon as that hand is over, you could go back and find out what everyone else thought the best course of action was? Or actually see what the optimal play was, according to the best players in the world?

In Match Poker Online, you are playing hands that have been played hundreds or thousands of times before, so you can review the decisions you made and then compare these to what other players did in the same position. No other poker site or coaching tool in the world offers the ability to do this.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that, when you weren’t sure whether or not to re-raise, what course of action the best players in the world took? Or why other players lost fewer chips in a hand than you did? Did they fold on the flop, or after the turn instead of calling? This is exactly the information we provide.

The below image shows Hand #753216, and we are looking at Seat 7. We can see here at this point in the hand that almost all of the top 10% of players (95% of them) decided to raise.

Alpha Development Match Over Screen for Match Poker Online™
Note: Images are from the Alpha development phase and may appear different in Beta gameplay.

Alpha Build Data Example

With a tap of a button, you can instantly compare your play to the best 50%, 25% or even 1% of players across the globe. By analysing your play at every turn and leaning where you went wrong, or where you went right, you’ll soon find yourself rising through the ranks! Be the first to play the Beta by entering your details here.


To further help improve your game, we’ll be incorporating Puzzles that will deliver specific scenarios where you can hone your skills in certain areas, such as playing position and bet sizing.

Our Famous Hands feature will take you through key hands from real-life championship events to evaluate how you played the hand compared to how the pros played it in the same situation.

You’ll also have the ability to compare your play with those closest to you – simply jump into a tournament, play a series of random hands and then send them to your friends to play to see who plays them better. Let them know that you’re ready to take them on in your next home game!

At Match Poker Online, we’re dedicated to helping you become the best you can be – to help turn you from a poker player into a world champion mind-sport athlete (and perhaps even an Olympiansee our first article!).

To gain early access to these features and more, register now for the Open Beta by clicking here. Or check out our website and social media for more information and updates!