FAQ – Pre-Beta Launch


We frequently get questions about what Match Poker is and how our app, Match Poker Online™, will work. Here

FAQ – Pre-Beta Launch2021-01-04T16:48:56+11:00

The Evolution of Match Poker


If you’ve read our article on The Newly Uncovered TRUE History of Match Poker, you’ll know that the sport of

The Evolution of Match Poker2020-12-29T20:36:02+11:00
  • Team Ukraine winning the Match Poker Nations Cup, hosted by the IFMP

How Can Poker Be A Sport?


“A sport should not rely on any element of “luck” specifically integrated into the sport.” This is one of the

How Can Poker Be A Sport?2020-09-05T11:07:18+10:00
  • A List of IFMP Member Nations

A Worldwide Federation for the SPORT of POKER


What is The International Federation of Match Poker? “The IFMP is the governing body of sports poker, promoting poker

A Worldwide Federation for the SPORT of POKER2021-02-01T14:58:51+11:00

A World-First Ranking System


All throughout the world, poker fans are often engaged in heated debate as to who the best player is and

A World-First Ranking System2020-12-29T19:50:37+11:00
  • The First Match Poker tournament ever held, in the London Eye



For over 200 years, the game of poker had long been associated with smoke-filled card rooms, full of larger-than-life

POKER… AN OLYMPIC SPORT?2020-12-29T19:47:55+11:00
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