We have zero tolerance for players who cheat, or attempt to flaunt, hack, abuse or exploit our app and its systems.

We have many tools at our disposal for detecting, identifying and proving when people are using our game in an illegitimate way. Not only does cheating breach our Terms & Conditions, but it goes against our fundamental belief – that the sport of Match Poker is a true test of skill, to be enjoyed by all and to be played with integrity.

We know that cheating in Match Poker Online is isolated and atypical and so should not be a concern for 99.99% of players.

More than anything, we care about providing opportunities to poker players of all skill levels, from all walks of life. We don’t want to be issuing bans left, right and centre. We will only bring down our Banhammer if we are certain that our Terms & Conditions have been breached.

We want to foster a process that is fair on everyone. Players may appeal bans by contacting us directly. Don’t try to threaten us; we know these threats will only emphasise your guilt, indicating to us that you’re just mad at yourself for being dumb enough to cheat and get caught.

Given all of the above, we at Match Poker Online™ take the following approaches to cheating:

  • Any form of cheating in our app will, if established to our satisfaction, incur a lifetime ban. (Any Rubies present in a banned player’s account will not be refunded)
  • Please keep all discussions about cheating to this post. You may comment below – or discuss any issues with us privately through our many contact avenues. Discussions about cheating on our community pages may be deleted if we are of the opinion that they are unproductive.
  • In order to combat cheating, we will name and shame all cheaters. This is so that we show transparency in our approach. We will tell everyone who it was that tried to subvert the rules and spirit of the sport of Match Poker and ruin it for others.