We’re stoked you’re eager to be one of the first to create a Club and play Match Poker Online™!

We are looking for people who play poker regularly with a group of friends, and who would like to know how skilled they are at poker compared to those friends!

Yes, we can tell you who the most skilled players are amongst you and who the luck-boxes are – without a doubt!

Every Club will be given its own leaderboard, which is separate from our Global Leaderboard. By playing private ‘Skirmish‘ matches amongst your clubmates, you will be able to earn Club Ranking Points, which will reflect your skill in poker. We explain how Skirmish works in the FAQ section below.

If you and your mates want to know who really is the best player, then please follow these steps:

  1. Download and fill out THIS FORM.
  2. Email the completed form to beta@matchpoker.com – if you click this link then it will draft the email for you, all you have to do is attach the form.
  3. We will process your form and email you when we are ready to set up your first game, or if we have any questions.

Please look at the FAQ below, or email beta@matchpoker.com, if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

‘Skirmish’ is a work-in-progress name for a unique way of playing poker, consistent with the Match Poker offering.

All players are seated in the same seat at identical tables. Imagine that you are all the same person in parallel universes: each player receives the same two hole cards and has the same Flop, Turn and River.

The other 7 seats at your table are filled with ‘Bots’, who also receive the same cards as their counterparts on other tables. The bots are not all identical to each other, but Bot 1 at your table is programmed to play the same as Bot 1 at your friends’ tables.

This is the truest test of skill in Poker. Can you win more chips than your opponents can, given that you all have the same cards to work with?

Every hand you play proceeds exactly how a normal hand of No-Limit Texas Hold’em proceeds.

All players start with 1000 chips (100 Big Blinds), however, your chip stack resets to 1000 at the start of each hand.

You are therefore not competing to see who runs out of chips last. Instead, you get points for every chip you win and lose points for every chip you lose.

This means no one goes home until the last hand is played (we find this is better than the typical ‘poker night’ experience, where some players are knocked out early and then just hang around awkwardly).

Your goal is, on as many hands as possible, to win more hands than your opponents, who are playing the same cards as you on parallel tables (see our explanation of ‘Skirmish’ above).

Because all players play the same cards from the same position (see What is ‘Skirmish‘ above), we remove almost all the luck inherent in poker. If all your cards are the same, then whoever can win the most chips (or lose the fewest chips) with those cards is the most-skilled player.

We then use our unique ranking algorithm to adjust players’ ranks. Having a higher rank than another player means that the algorithm predicts you are more likely to win against them, thus you can be said to be more skilled than they are.

Once we are confident our technology is functioning correctly, we will begin holding Public Skirmish matches. These will matchmake players against others of a similar skill level. By proving your level of skill against matchmade opponents, we can begin to represent your true skill throughout our entire database of players. Your Global Ranking Points (GRP) will tell you exactly how skilled you are at poker. (Coming Soon)