This Policy applies to each user of Services provided by Match Poker Online Pty Ltd or any of its affiliates. Terms defined in our Terms of Use have the same meaning where used here. This Policy constitutes “Additional Terms” as defined within the Terms of Use, and are incorporated into the Terms of Use by reference.

Match Poker Online’s mission is to promote and to facilitate the play of poker as a game of skill and as a sport.

Accordingly, as a user of our Services, you agree that you will:

  • (a) not contrive or attempt to contrive the result of any game or any aspect of any game played on our Services in exchange for any bribe, benefit or reward;
  • (b) not bet or wager on any contingency in relation to any game played on our Services, or the performance of yourself or any other user of our Services, or have an interest in such bet or wager made by any other person;
  • (c) not aid, abet, counsel or procure the making by any other person of any bet or wager of the nature described in paragraph (b);
  • (d) at all times perform according to your merits, and will not induce or encourage any person not to perform according to their merits, in any game played on our Services;
  • (e) notify us of
    • (i) any direct or indirect, formal or informal approach you receive from any other person to engage in any conduct prohibited by this policy, and
    • (ii) any conduct you observe that you believe to be occurring in violation of this policy;
  • (f) co-operate with any information request you receive from us relating to any actual or suspected breach of this policy (whether committed by you or any other person), and that you will answer such requests fully, truthfully and not in any manner that would be misleading or deceptive.

This Policy is effective from: 15 August 2020