In Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, players always form their hand from the 5 best cards available, made from a combination of their two private Hole Cards and the five Community Cards. Whilst all five cards in this combination are important, most sets do not rely on all five cards.
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Because of this, we have greyed out the irrelevant cards below.

If you’re interested in finding out the odds of these hands appearing in-game, we go in-depth into this in our strategy guide: What are the Odds?

Ranking of Individual Cards

Individual cards have a hierarchy too, which is used to determine the winner in the event that multiple players have formed the same hand as above. The list below shows the order of cards, from low to high.

Ace can be the lowest card, or the highest card, depending on a player’s choice. It cannot be both (e.g. a straight cannot be made with: Q K A 2 3).

There are no ‘Joker’ cards in poker.

Ranking of Suits

In Texas Hold ‘Em poker, all suits are equal. If the only difference between two players’ hands are the suits, then the players are tied.