The Match Poker Federation of Australia (MPFA) is affiliated with the global International Federation of Match Poker (IFMP), which is the recognised governing body for the mind sport of poker.

The IFMP promotes poker in its Match Poker variation as a game of skill and as a mind sport. Having evolved from its original seven member nations to more than 60 federations, the IFMP is now the hub for a thriving world poker community.

The MPFA is chaired by Julius Colman and represents a wide range of experience across various areas of poker and industry.

The Match Poker Federation of Australia was represented by Team Australia – which they nicknamed “Team Straya”, at the 2020 Nations Cup of Match Poker. The team, represented by Julius Colman, Tanja Vujanovic, Jarryd Godena, Daniel Levy, Josh Budin, Ashley Warner, Chris Wookey and Heidi May, played brilliantly, coming 2nd, to Ukraine, which backed up its win from 2019. The remain finalists were Lithuania, India, Taiwan, Poland, Ireland, Belarus, Germany, Spain, South Korea and Singapore.

The MPFA expects soon to release details of its online Match Poker events, which will provide local players with the chance to represent the “official” Australian tournament Match Poker team, wearing the green and gold in IFMP-sanctioned international tournaments.

More details of Match Poker Federation of Australia initiatives and events will be announced in coming weeks.