Match Poker is a unique way of playing poker developed by the International Federation of Match Poker (IFMP).

To meet the definition of a “sport,” Match Poker is designed so that the element of luck, specifically integrated into the game of poker, is removed and is replaced by skill.

In Match Poker, you are not competing against the players at your table, but against players seated at other tables in the same seat as you are. Every player in that seat is dealt the same two “hole” cards, as you and sees the same flop, turn and river.

Your play is judged not on how much you won or lost on a hand, but by comparing your play with that of every other competitor who played those same cards. No other app does this. This allows unique comparison of play – and players.

And it removes the luck in poker. If you were dealt AJ, so was everyone else in your seat. If you suffered a bad beat when another player hit some lucky cards, you would not be hurt because everyone else in your seat got the same bad beat.

The GAISF (Global Association of International Sports Federations) – the association for all the largest international sports federations – makes a clear and pragmatic description of what is needed for an activity to be recognized as a sport. A “sport” must;

  • contain an element of competition
  • not rely on any element of “luck” specifically integrated into the sport
  • not pose an undue risk to the health and safety of its participants
  • not be harmful to any living creature
  • not rely on equipment that is provided by a single supplier.

By removing the luck which is specifically integrated into the game of poker, Match Poker meets the definition of “sport”.

As a result, it has been provisionally accepted by the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF), the governing body of world sport, as a world mind sport – alongside games like Chess and Bridge.

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