Match Poker Online’s™ flagship gametype is our unique and gripping ‘Battle Royale’.


When you enter a Battle Royale match (found in ‘Tournaments’), you will enter matchmaking. This means you will be sorted into a match against players of a similar IFMP Rating to you.

Battle Royale is a Rated gametype, so all players’ IFMP Ratings are affected by their performance against their opposition in these games.
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Following our unique Match Poker format, you will be seated at one of multiple tables. Whilst you’re trying to win chips off the players at your table, your real opponents are the players in the same seat as you at other tables. You will be playing the exact same hands as them from the same position. Your job: WIN MORE CHIPS THAN THEM!

The Battle Royale Match Ladder

Please note: the image above is from a pre-beta development build. Actual gameplay images may vary.

In the instance above, you can see from the Match Ladder to the right that PlayerA (who has the octopus avatar and whose table we are currently watching) is currently ‘winning’. They are at the top of the Match Ladder on the right, with a score of 750. Their true opponents – who are in the same seat as them and who they are trying to beat – are CL16 and CL5.

Currently, all three of these players are playing Hand 10 (out of 18 total hands for the tournament); they are all in the Cutoff position (right of the Dealer) for this hand and all three of them have . The players at their table are also all playing against players in their seat at other tables, and have their own Match Ladders.

This Match Ladder tells us that PlayerA won 250 chips on the previous hand. The other two players on the Match Ladder did not play the previous hand as skilfully as PlayerA. CL16 won no chips (indicating they folded the hand pre-flop) – whereas CL5 lost 140 chips. This suggests that the previous hand did not deal great cards (or CL5 folded post-flop before seeing better cards), so perhaps PlayerA bluffed their opponent(s) in order to win 250 chips off them.

CL5 currently has a score of -1470. If they cannot move into second place before the next elimination round, they will be eliminated. PlayerA and CL16 will continue playing until the end of the 18th hand when the match will end.


Battle Royale is an Elimination gametype. There are six tables, each with six players. The games lasts for 32 hands. The first ‘Elimination Event’ happens after 16 hands have been played. The player in each seat with the lowest score will be eliminated. (Please note: if a player has disconnected and not reconnected within an appropriate window of time, they will be eliminated first, even if another player has a lower score).

Every table is allowed to play at its own pace, however, if players at your table play faster than those at other tables, you will need to wait until all tables have caught up to the Elimination Event before elimination occurs.

Another Elimination Event will then happen every four hands thereafter. The match ends when there is only one player left in each seat. This means that everyone who survives to make the final table is the winner of their own Battle Royale.

Tables are reshuffled after each elimination, but you will stay in the same seat as your opponents in the Match Ladder for the whole match.


When there are only two hands left until an elimination, the Match Ladder will be hidden from all players who are still playing. This is intended to increase the apprehension before an elimination, but also to stop players from playing wildly in the hope that they will survive being eliminated.


If two (or more) players share the lowest score at an Elimination Event, then the game looks at all the hands that those players have played, compares the results that the tied players got, and then eliminates the player who got the lower result on the most hands.

For example, assume Player A and Player B both have the lowest score after hand 20 (the second Elimination Event). If Player A performed better than Player B on more than 10 hands (10 being half the hands that they had played up until that point), then Player B would be eliminated. This means that players who outperform often by small amounts are favoured in tiebreaks against players who outperform infrequently by large amounts.


At launch, we will only be holding Battle Royale matches with 36 players – six players in each seat. One player will be eliminated after the 16th hand, the 20th hand, the 24th hand, the 28th hand, and then the winner will be decided between the two remaining players after the 32nd hand.

However, in the future, we will be able to host as many as 8 players at a single table, and over 10 players in each seat. This means Battle Royales will be able to have over 80 players playing at once!

In larger games, each elimination round may eliminate more than one person at a time. This ensures the match does not go much longer than 1 hour.


Whilst only one player in each seat can claim the medal, the top 40% of performers in every Battle Royale will earn Green MatchPoints.
[We explain what MatchPoints are on this page]


All players who have downloaded the Match Poker Online app can play our Battle Royale for free and start increasing their IFMP Rating!

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Quick Match

Our new Quick Match format functions very similarly to Battle Royale. The key differences are:

  • Where Battle Royale is 32 hands long, Quick Match is just 16.
  • In Battle Royale, one player is eliminated every 4 hands, starting at hand 16, whereas in Quick Match, two players are eliminated every four hands, starting at hand 8.
  • Since the introduction of Leagues, Battle Royale awards twice as many League Points as Quick Match (and also can cost you twice as many if you come 4th, 5th or 6th.
  • Battle Royale is not available to brand new players – all players must play a Quick Match to familiarise themselves with the Match Poker format of play before they may play a Battle Royale.
  • After the implementation of Rubies in August 2023, Quick Match requires players to stake 50 Rubies, whereas Battle Royale requires a stake of 100.