In every ‘Hand Summary’, we show you, in real time, how you played and scored among the thousands of players who have played exactly the same hand (from your position) in the past, and in your match.

We use a HEATMAP to do this.

The heat map shows you the results, in that hand, for all players past (i.e., when it has been dealt in previous matches) and present (i.e., those who you are currently competing against who have already played that hand.

The concentration of those who won chips is shown in green and those who lost chips in red. The yellow-colored sections show chips won or lost by the rest of the players (i.e., there are players who won/lost chips in those places but in very low proportions).

Example of Match Poker Online's Heatmap for a given hand

In the above example, we can see that:
  1. most winning players won between +100 to +350 chips (shown by the green band);
  2. approximately 40% of players were in this group (starting at roughly the 40th percentile and ending at about the 80th percentile);
  3. your score is shown by the figure in a circle. You won 300 chips;
  4. this beat 74% of all players who played your hand;
  5. the 50% mark of all players (i.e. the “median” – represented by the vertical line) was around +150 chips;
  6. a lot of the players who played your hand lost chips, with most of those losing from between about 25 chips to about 275 chips, with the average loss being around 150 chips.

So it is clear that most players are winning chips in this position. However, quite a number of players lost chips – most around the -150 chips. If you lost about 150 chips you only beat around 20% of other players.

Some other conclusions you could draw are that:

  1. players who played this hand mostly won a small number of chips;
  2. a significant portion of players played the hand differently and lost a small number of chips. (This point is certainly interesting, and you might want to review the hand in The Lab to see what it is about the hand that might make people play differently and go from winning slightly to losing slightly).
This kind of insight into poker play is made possible only with Match Poker Online’s unprecedented and revolutionary big data approach to benchmarking poker performance. Learn more about our Rating Algorithm here!
The Match Poker Online Heatmap