What is the Premiership?

The Match Poker Online Premiership is a seasonal competition where players who perform best throughout the 4-week season can earn their way into the Road to the World playoffs.


Each Premiership Season follows the same rules:

  • Players enter automatically, just by competing in Battle Royale matches.
  • Seasons will be 4 weeks long, with players required to play a minimum of 20 matches across the 4 weeks to qualify.
  • Players in each seat score from 5 (for winning) to 0 (for last place) in each match.
  • Your best 20 Battle Royale matches, in the season, make up the score – so the more you play the more chances you have to get a higher score.
  • If players have the same score, their performance is separated based on their ‘average’ result across all Battle Royale matches that they played that season – not just the best 20, which counted towards their score.

At the end of the Premiership Season, trophies are awarded to players.

The next Premiership Season starts immediately after the previous one ends.

Note: Management reserves the right to grant wild card entries to the playoffs based on exceptional performance during a season.

Premiership Season 00

Because the app was in its early days, the first Premiership Season was a beta season, which we called Season 00.

Season 00 lasted 5 weeks (instead of the usual 4) and ended at 23:59:59 GMT on Monday 21st of March. It was followed immediately by Season 01.

In Season 0, anybody who received a score of 100 Premiership Points was declared an equal winner.


Q. Are there any other eligibility rules or hoops I have to jump through to qualify?

A. No. Qualifying happens automatically when you meet the criteria. The only exception is that banned players are ineligible.

Q. What happens if I am disconnected from a match?

A. Disconnects count as 0, unless there were only 3 players remaining in each seat. In this case, we do not count the match towards your 20 matches.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of matches I can play in a given time frame?

A. No. You can play one match a day or all twenty matches in one day. It is entirely up to you.