Quick Play is Match Poker Online’s raw and fast-paced offering.

In just seconds, you can jump onto a table of up to 8 players and play a hand of Quick Play. Afterwards, as with all things Match Poker, you will be awarded Rating Points [click here to learn about rating Points].

This is one of the fastest way for our unique Ranking Algorithm to figure out where your true rank lies within our Ranking System.

In Quick Play, you are ‘zooming’, i.e. you will be seated at a different table each hand. Unlike in our Tournament formats, you don’t have to watch how every hand plays out; once you’ve folded, you’re free to zoom off to another hand. You don’t even need to wait for your turn, the Quick Fold button will let you search for a new game whilst automatically checking throughout the previous hand or folding to any aggressive action.

Your chip stack will also reset after each hand. [Learn How Match Poker works here!]

Craving a more traditional poker format? No worries, our Tournaments are our regular Sit ‘n’ Go’s!

Quick Play also provides the fastest and most efficient way to learn.

After just a few hands, you may find yourself in a position where you’re unsure what to do – or unsure whether the choice you made was the best one. Clicking ‘Review Now’ on the Match Over screen (see below), will take you The Lab. In The Lab, players will be able to re-watch their hands and analyse their actions – comparing them to everyone who has played those hands before. Here they can learn not just what the majority of players think was correct, but also what the very best players in Match Poker Online thought was correct. [Learn more about The Lab here!]

Don’t feel like playing for Rating Points?

Soon we will be introducing Unrated Play – where you can play without any impact on your Rating Points. Perfect for experimenting with new ranges or poker strategies in a no-pressure environment. (Also our recommended place for players who find themselves on Tilt!)