You may have seen the ROAD to the WORLD option in the Match Poker Online™ lobby…

ROAD to the WORLD placeholder text

The ROAD to the WORLD is where players from all levels, not just the very best, get a chance to qualify for their national teams!

When you play Match Poker online, there are several ways to gain eligibility to compete in the Selection Trials for the Australian Team in ROAD to the WORLD:

  • You are a Grand Master (GRP 2400+); OR
  • You are at the top of the following 4 major Tiers of player rankings (i.e. close to 799 GRP, 1199 GRP, 1,599 GRP and 1,999 GRP respectively (or have reached and surpassed these in the eligibility period) will be eligible for the qualifying round. You can learn about our ranking system here; OR
  • You are among the leading Match Point winners for the season in each category.

A certain number of players in each tier will get the chance to play in the playoff round(s) for a seat on their nation’s international team!

Please note this initiative is currently in development. More details – and no doubt changes – will be released in the future. If you have feedback and ideas you wish to contribute, please let us know by emailing: