Match Poker Online™ features one of the most remarkable tools for reviewing your play and learning from others. We hereby proudly present to you: ‘THE LAB’.

What is unique about this learning tool is that it delivers what we think is the most effective way of teaching. Instead of taking you out of a game and into a course or a classroom where you examine new hands, we take you through the hand you have just played, and the decisions you have just made – right then, when the information is at the front of your mind!

Every time you finish playing a hand in Rated Play, or after any of our Sit ‘n’ Go Tournaments, you will be offered the opportunity to Review the hand(s) you played.

This will take you directly to The Lab.

At first, The Lab will appear just like an ordinary mechanism for re-watching past hands, but there’s a special twist!

Because hands in Match Poker have been played thousands of times before, we have access to an incredible amount of data on how players choose to act in certain circumstances.

So, if you press the ANALYSE button at the bottom of the screen, it will analyse your last action taken..

You will be shown the percentage of players who Folded, Called/Checked and Raised when they were in the exact same position as you.

If you Raised, you can press the ‘Raise Chart’ button (right), and you will be shown a chart of how this raise compared to that made by prior players.

You can see from the image above that everybody who has played this hand in the past raised, but not all raised by the same amount. Most opted for a min-raise of 20. The next most popular option was to bet around 680, with others opting for around 284 and 416.

Note: In effect, players who bet near to the figures on the x-axis are grouped in the same bar.

For those who want to skim through hand replays, we use a simple traffic light prompt:

  • Red means that your action differed to the majority.
  • Green means your action agreed with what the majority did.
  • Yellow means that your action (such as betting or raising) was in line with what the majority did, but the amount of chips you chose for this action differed significantly from the majority.

Your player icon glows in one of these colours when you are re-watching your play.

The player icons are green, indicating that ‘Betting’ (for CaptainGutshot) and ‘Calling’ (for Julz) was also taken by the majority of players in their respective positions.

Learning what the majority of other players did will give you valuable insights – nd for less experienced players will quickly alert you to better plays. But, what about intermediate or expert players?

Even more importantly, in addition to presenting all the data on a hand, we can filter that data by the Ratings of the players who have played those hands. [To learn more about our Rating System, click here!] So, instead of simply showing you what the average person did on a hand, we can show you what the most highly-rated 25% of players did. (There will be a micro-transaction or subscription required for this.)

This means that, instead of simply being shown what the average person would do on a hand, a more advanced player can learn just what the most highly-rated 25% of players did.

Maybe that’s not even enough? Maybe you’d like to know what only the best 10% of players did in a hand? We offer that too!

But even then, there are moments where an advanced player might take a certain action, but where the professionals know ta better course. We can do that too. We can filter the data down and show you just what the best 1% of players in our app did. This is the data that tells you exactly what a professional would do in your shoes – because we actually collected the data on what they did!

Every hand you play in Match Poker Online goes to The Lab for later review. Our Lab homepage shows all the hands in your recent history, plus those you have ‘starred’ for review. Each thumbnail will show the cards you had, what was revealed on the board, and also a heatmap which will quickly show you where players’ outcomes on the hand were largely uniform, or where they were a variety of outcomes. [Learn more about our Heatmaps here!]

You can also export replays of any of your hands and share them online or with your friends!

So don’t wait! Get out there, play some hands in Match Poker Online, and improve your poker the efficient way!