What is the Weekly Challenge?

The Weekly Challenge is a competition held within the Match Poker Online app.

By playing regular Battle Royale matches in a given week, you automatically enter that week’s weekly challenge.

You can play in as many weekly challenges as you like.

How does it work?

  • Each week commences at 00:00:00 GMT on Monday. Find out what this is in your local timezone here.
  • Your first 5 matches each week are scored the same as in the Premiership Season: 5 points for a win, 4 points for second place, all the way to 0 points for 6th place.
  • If necessary, to break ties, we will look at the results of players’ 6th game, then 7th, then 8th. Any players still tied after their 8th game will be joint victors.

What’s the prize?

Anyone who wins a Weekly Challenge will automatically be granted entry into the next Road to the World playoffs.

They will also receive a shiny medal to go into their trophy cabinet.

The results of all our Weekly Challenges for 2022 are below:

All Weekly Challenge winners automatically earn their way into the next World Cup playoffs!