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Developer Comments


Play with Friends

Have a ‘Friends List’; invite friends to sit in the same seat as you when you play Battle Royale; see friends on a unique leaderboard.

FornaxGamma says:

Drafted and specified. Approved. In queue for development.

60% Completed

Estimated Completion: Late March, 2022

More Analytics

More analyses of your play – other than just VEP and PFR.

CaptainGutshot says:

Get excited! We will soon be introducing the following analytics to go with VEP and PFR. These are:

  • Analysis of Pre-Flop Raise frequency
  • % of hands that went to showdown
  • Chips won at showdown
  • C-Bet % and fold to C-Bet %
  • 3-Bet % and fold to 3-Bet %
  • Fold to Steal %
  • Big Blinds won per 100 hands
50% Completed

Estimated Completion: March/April 2022

8-Handed Play

Eight players sitting at each table, instead of six.

CaptainGutshot says:

This has always been a high priority for us! We want to get our Battle Royale to 8 tables of 8 players as soon as we can, but we need to test that our 6×6 environment works well first. This also means we can launch games with as few as 36 players in our early days (resulting in shorter matchmaking times).

50% Completed

Estimated Completion: April 2022

More Interactions

Other ways of interacting with players, and more comments.

CaptainGutshot says:

We didn’t want this to slow down launch, so our interactions are a little scarce at the moment. We plan to introduce many more comments, as well as ‘Expressions’ (like emojis) and ‘Gestures’ (ways of throwing items at other players)!

40% Completed

Estimated Completion: April 2022

(We will be constantly updating these in the future)

More Avatar & Player Customisation Options

More player avatar customisation options, including ability to upload photos.

CaptainGutshot says:

Greater variety of Avatar options approved. Graphic assets not yet begun. At this stage we will not allow players to upload photos as the risk of inappropriate images being uploaded that can’t yet be managed.

Soon, we will also introduce ‘Badges’, a way of showing off your accomplishments to other players!

40% Completed

Estimated Completion: April 2022

Single Table Tournaments (Sit & Go)

Play quick matches on a single table, with a single victor.

CaptainGutshot says:

We know there is great interest in this. We have devised a way that you can be scored against players in other seats (so far our game logic only scores you against people in the same seat as you at other tables). This will require lots of testing once implemented.

20% Completed

Estimated Completion: May 2022

Last Updated: 20 Jan 2022