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Our Goal

We want MATCHPOKER.com to be:

  • The best site in the world for rating the skill level of poker players,
  • The “go-to” site for improving your poker,
  • The world’s largest community of poker players,
  • The most active community in poker skill and in the sport of poker, and
  • The only online site which allows you to officially represent your country in the sport of poker (potentially, one day, as an Olympian).

What is Match Poker?

Match Poker is a way of playing poker, developed by the International Federation of Match Poker (IFMP), designed to offer poker as an official world sport.

To meet the definition of “sport”, Match Poker has been designed so that a large part of the luck inherent in poker is removed.

In Match Poker, you will play the same cards, in the same position,

and with the same flop, turn and river, as the players you’re being compared with. So your play is judged not on how much you won or lost on a hand, but by comparing your play with that of every other player who played those same cards. As a result of this innovation, Match Poker has been provisionally accepted by the governing body of world sport, GAISF, as the 7th world mind sport – alongside Chess and Bridge etc.

Join the Beta

We are very excited to announce the upcoming beta release of our app. This will give you an early look into the digital playing platform of Match Poker Online. Please sign up to our e-mail list to get your first look at a poker platform that will truly revolutionise our wonderful game.