1. Done .Net 6.0 migration
  2. Improved matchmaking cancelling: Curtain doesn’t trigger it now (Android only)
  3. Notification curtain pull on iOS suspends the app and puts it into pause.
    Recently introduced feature that cancels matchmaking process if the player doesn’t stay on the Matchmaking screen; makes sure that we cancel the matchmaking when the curtain is pulled down.
  4. Added Elastic counters for ” Update App” and ” Enter Tournament Schedule Pop-up” events (with player ID)
  5. Added Searing counter
  6. Added new scheduler system
  7. Added maintenance message:
    Our App is undergoing planned maintenance and Battle Royale matches are unavailable. Please come back and check in a few minutes.We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Updated PMA Leaderboard: Premiership tab has one row less
  8. Added Primary and Secondary tournaments: If tournament starts at HH:00 minutes we show this tournament as a yellow bold text.
  9. Updated Force update text specific per platform
  10. Fixed 2x scenario, when all players limp before late position (re-raise button appeared instead of ‘raise’)