What are Rubies?

Rubies are a microcurrency in Match Poker Online that players use to enter matches.

Players must spend 100 Rubies to enter a Battle Royale or 50 Rubies to enter a Quick Match.

All players are given 500 Rubies when they sign up.

Players win Rubies by performing well in their matches. For example, a player who places 1st in a Battle Royale will be refunded their 100 staked Rubies, and be awarded an additional 100 Rubies. Second place and third place also refund the stake but give lesser additional rewards. Players who place 4th and 5th will not recoup their entire staked amount, and players who place 6th will not recover any of their staked amount.

If players wish, Rubies can be purchased in the store, or earned by watching ads (also found in the store).

Please note: if you request for your data to be deleted in accordance with GDPR Privacy Regulations, all Rubies in your account will be lost.

The future of Rubies

This is not the only use we are planning for Rubies.

In the future, we expect that Rubies will be able to buy players enhanced analysis of their play on certain hands, more accurate statistics, and better data in the Lab.

Rubies will also be winnable through completing achievements and various other feats, which will be coming soon to our app.

We also expect to hold ‘High Roller’ matches, which could require thousands of Rubies to enter, but would carry much more prestige.

Rubies are how we hope to finance the future of Match Poker and bring the game to more players around the world, turning it into a worldwide sport.