What are Clubs?

Clubs are a way for a large group of players to play among themselves in custom matches organised by one of their own members (as an admin).

How do Clubs work?

1) We create a Club for a user (this will be you)

2) We then create an account for you (and give you Admin permission) on a web-based platform (for now, you will have to use this on a website outside our app).

3) On this website will be a QR code that you can send to others which they can use to join the Club, or you can manually invite them to the Club based on the invitee’s username.

4) On this website, you can schedule tournaments that ONLY Club Members can be a part of. These currently only support up to 36 players. If there are less than 36 players, the remaining seats are filled with bots (but you can set the minimum number of human players). You can also choose how many hands each tournament goes for, and if there will be eliminations (and, if so, when these eliminations will be). You can also choose how often tables are reshuffled.

5) At the end of each match, each player will receive a score in the same manner that the IFMP uses for their tournaments. This is different to our scoring system. In our Club scoring system, all 36 players are given a placing from 1st to 36th, which is based on the number of chips a player wins, plus or minus a special weighting factor that adds or subtracts points based on the average chips won in that player’s seat (this is to account for the fact that some seats might get better cards than others more often).

Club Tournament Options

As an admin, you are able to schedule matches with custom settings. Some of the things you’re able to choose are:

  • The number of hands in the match;
  • When eliminations happen. You may even choose for there to be no eliminations (so that all players will play to the end);
  • How often there are breaks, and how long these breaks go for;
  • When tables reshuffle their seats, if at all;
  • The minimum number of human players required for the match to start;
  • The nationality(ies) that bots will appear to represent;
  • How long matches wait for players to join before starting;
  • Custom text shown to players while loading.

Some notes

– The Clubs feature is not intended for matches with less than 24 players. This is because every match needs 36 filled seats. If there are fewer than 36 players, then bots will automatically fill the empty seats and these bots, while sophisticated, can be easy to exploit, allowing players to get ahead unfairly. We recommend that you do not set up a club if you do not anticipate having 24 or more humans in every match you intend to play.

– Currently, matches must feature 36 players. If there are more than 36 players, they will not be able to join. If there are fewer than 36 players, bots will make up the shortfall.

– Please note this web platform is in English, though if you are on Chrome and you have the Google Translate plugin installed, it might translate it for you into another language, if necessary.

– The web platform is not yet as user-friendly as we want it to be. This is because it is in Beta. In a few weeks we hope to have a more user-friendly interface.

– Clubs will be a feature that we charge money for once it is fully ready, however while it is in Beta we would be very happy to use it for free. We haven’t yet decided on the price. Rest assured we will contact you before charging anything and will not charge you without your permission.

I want to start a Club. What do I do?

Simply message us at contact@matchpoker.com, telling us that you’d like to set up a Club.

Please make sure to tell us your:

  • Player name
  • Preferred Club name
  • Estimated number of members
  • Player/Device ID – this can be found by going to your Player Profile (tap on your Avatar in the top-left corner of the Lobby in the app), then tapping the arrow next to ‘Account info’. Rather than writing the Device ID out by hand, you can press the small button there to copy it and paste it into an email).

By proceeding to request us to create a Club for you, you are confirming that you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions of our Clubs feature, found here.

We will take care of the rest (we may need to ask you some questions – check your junk if you have not heard a response within a few days).