The Match Poker Online™ WORLD CUP is where eligible players, from all levels (not just the very best), get a chance to represent their country and play to see who is the best match poker player in the world!

Unlike the IFMP Nations Cup, these are not team trials – rather, we are identifying the leading individual players in the world who will represent their countries.


There are multiple ways to be eligible to compete in the World Cup. All are achieved through your efforts in playing the Match Poker Online™ app.

To be eligible, you must have achieved at least ONE of the following, before midnight (23:59:59 GMT) on November 30, 2023.

  • You finished at least one of our League Seasons in the Phoenix League; OR
  • You have an IFMP Rating of 1200 or above; OR
  • You were in the top 15% of players in any one of Premiership Seasons 10, 11, 12, 13, or 14 (premiership seasons now discontinued); OR
  • You placed in the top three of our 8th Special Event, hosted on the weekend of February 4th, 2023.

As of the end of Season 06, there were 302 players who had already achieved eligibility from Premierships and Leagues, but you can still qualify, in any of the ways set out above, until November 30.

Note: Management reserves the right to grant wild card entries to the World Cup at our sole discretion.

How do I know if I’m eligible for the World Cup?

You would have received an email and a notification in the app at some point throughout the year if you achieved eligibility by being in the Phoenix League in one of our League Seasons or by placing in the top 15% in a Premiership Season. Players who became eligible by other means may not have received a notification.

Regardless, all players who are eligible for the World Cup Playoffs will be contacted by email, inviting them to play in the World Cup Playoffs. If you have not given us your email details, please do so in the app by going to Settings (you will then need to scroll to the bottom of settings) and entering it in the field next to ‘Email’. This is so we can notify you. Failure to give us your email could mean you will not be invited to the World Cup.

You will not need to notify us that you intend to be part of the event – we will automatically allocate you to the event in the app.

If you discover on December 1st that you do not have the World Cup 2023 tile on the lobby screen of your app, please email us at immediately.


Unlike last year, there will not be a Playoffs prior to the World Cup. The World Cup will be one competition with all competitors.

Ten Days of Play

Starting on December 1 at 00:00:00 GMT and ending on December 10 at 23:59:59 GMT, all Battle Royale matches that World Cup Competitors play will be counted towards their World Cup Score. Yes, unlike last year, you may play your matches at ANY TIME that suits you. Note: Quick Matches will not count.

Players will be awarded 5 points for 1st place, 4 points for 2nd place, 3 points for 3rd place, 2 points for 4th place, 1 point for 5th place and 0 points for 6th place. There will be no bonus points. Players will be scored based on their AVERAGE score.

Players must play a minimum of 8 matches in the World Cup. There is no maximum number of matches.

Breaking Ties

In the World Cup Leaderboard, average score will be shown to 2 decimal places, however, it will be calculated to 3 decimal places (in our system). If a player appears to have the same average score as you but is sitting above you, it could be their ‘invisible’ third decimal place number is higher.

In the event that two players have exactly the same average score (to 3 decimal places), we will break the ties according to Net Chips Won
(i.e., World Cup Chips Won – World Cup Chips Lost). The player with the higher Net Chips Won will be given the higher of the two tied positions.


The prizes below are in USD, for the 10 players with the highest average scores at the end of the World Cup period (providing they played 8 matches):

1st Place: $400

2nd Place: $225

3rd Place: $150

4th Place: $75

5th Place: $50

6th Place: $40

7th Place: $30

8th Place: $20

9th Place: $10

World Cup

Yes, the top 9 results will win ACTUAL MONEY, without it costing them anything to qualify!

We will contact all the winners via the email address we have on record, telling them how we intend to transfer the money. Please go to Settings and add your email if you have not already, or else we may not be able to contact you, in which case your prize may be forfeited!


Click on each question to view the answer

Tap on each question to view the answer

No. Nothing at all.

The Match Poker Online app is also free to download and play, so players do not need to pay money or even give us any of their credit cards or financial details.

That’s ok, just email us at and tell us what to change your country to (one change per player).

[Our app determines your country from your IP address when you register – so for players living abroad or in small countries it can sometimes get it wrong]

All players must have a registered account in the app to be eligible. They cannot be playing on Guest Mode. However, if you achieved one of the above eligibility checks while playing on Guest Mode, you will still be allowed to compete as long as you register an account on the same device before November 30th.

So that winners from League s07 can make it into the World Cup, we will end League s07 one day early – on November 30 at 05:59:59 GMT. This gives us one day to process the results. Those who finish in the Phoenix League will be invited to the World Cup before it starts the following day.

League s08 will run concurrently with the World Cup. This is so that players who did not make it into the World Cup can keep enjoying Match Poker Online. For those who are in the World Cup, all matches played will count towards League s08 as well as the World Cup. However, Quick Matches are not counted towards the World Cup, and therefore will only count towards League s08.