Unlike traditional online or live poker, hands aren’t dealt to players randomly. A hand, when it is dealt to a player, is either being dealt simultaneously at other tables, all being played at the same time, OR it has already been played by thousands of players previously.

Your opponents in a match get the same cards as you, so it’s easy to see who played the cards better. But how do we deal your opponents the same cards? By placing them at other tables, in the same seat as you. Imagine a room with 20 tables. In Match Poker, every card dealt to the players around your table, is also dealt to the players, in that same seat, around the other 20 table (i.e., all tables are playing exactly the same hand).

We can assess how good you are

Watching you play the identical cards as players in your seat at 20 other tables, gives us an extraordinarily good idea of how good a player you are. [If we had 20 tables of 8, we would be able to identify the best players in each of the 8 seats.]

But we can do even better! In an online environment, you are not limited to just comparing your play to other players in the same position as you at a handful of other tables – you can also compare your play to every single person in the database who has played that hand configuration before!

This means a player can find out that they played a particular hand better than 92% of players on Earth, or perhaps that they received the 253rd-best result out of 42,593 people who played that hand before!

After playing enough hands, and with our highly sophisticated algorithm, every player will be able to see not just how they played a bunch of hands compared to the world, but how they are as a player compared to the whole world.

All of these elements are exactly what this brand-new, revolutionary app, called Match Poker Online™ brings to the world.